One of the perks of living in a place that gets really cold in the winter is how cozy it is to climb into a warm, comfy bed. Oh! And those super fuzzy socks! You know, the ones that claim to be infused with aloe vera, but you know you’re just buying them because they’re cuddly soft and festive. Ahhh, wintertime bedtime.

You’re just settling in and drifting off when you’re startled awake by the roar of what could only be a dragon. But this is no mythical creature—it’s your bedfellow. Their snorting and snoring are not only disruptive, they’re dangerous to their health! What may seem like routine snoring may actually be sleep apnea. You can read more about sleep apnea here. In short, any cessation in breathing is harmful to your brain, lungs and heart. Untreated apnea can become so severe that heart conditions or even death could result.

As Dr. Louise explains in her latest video, organ problems are not the only side effects of sleep apnea. In some sleep apnea cases, patients grind their teeth so severely that their teeth become flat. If you notice your teeth starting to become misshapen or flat, you may be experiencing sleep apnea and not even know it.

The first step to getting you and your partner back to restful sleep is to make an appointment with us to evaluate your unique situation. We can craft customized intra-oral guards, appliances and splints to help protect your teeth from clenching and grinding. Botox can also help relieve muscle tension, which in turn can relieve the strain and stress of teeth clenching. Dr. Louise will design a treatment plan that best fits your personal and medical needs.

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