Way back in the day, just after the Earth cooled, I was a kid obsessed with movies. Family movie night was my favorite thing in the world. I can remember one night in particular when it was my job to pop the popcorn. Like any kid would, I snuck a couple handfuls before delivering the goods. I didn’t quite cook it long enough, though, and I bit down on a really hard kernel. One of my front teeth chipped off. It didn’t hurt or bleed, much to my surprise. I looked pretty ridiculous, though. My folks took me to the dentist the next day to spare me the embarrassment of other kids noticing.

I share this story with you because there is a common misconception that just because a broken tooth isn’t bleeding, or doesn’t hurt, means that it doesn’t need immediate treatment. Broken teeth absolutely need attention! Not only are they unsightly, they open up your mouth to damaging bacteria. What began as a chipped or broken tooth in need of a filling or crown, may evolve into a full-blown root canal if left untreated. Click here to watch the latest episode of Ask. Dr. Louise, where she explains the risks of a broken tooth.

If your tooth chips, cracks or breaks—don’t panic! It may not be as drastic as it looks. Broken teeth are usually quick and easy to fix. However, it takes a lot for a healthy tooth to crack. A broken tooth may point to an underlying issue you may not have known about. Dr. Louise will take into account all of the oral and systemic health factors which may have led to the damaged tooth.

Don’t delay treatment! Contact us today to schedule an exam. After all, you’ll want to get back to the popcorn as soon as possible.