Facial Treatments

Dental professionals are highly trained in the entire anatomy of the head and neck, as well as the oral cavity. Our training, therefore, makes us a natural fit in providing BOTOX® and Juvéderm® as treatment options for our patients.

At DeFelice Dentistry, we love to maximize your unique and beautiful facial characteristics and complementing your dental procedures with a choice in facial enhancement treatment is one of our specialties. One of the more popular ways we can help is with Botox treatment and Dr. Louise can advise if it is right for you. Botox treatment only takes a few minutes depending on the number of injections you need.

Millions of people use Botox to achieve a more relaxed, smooth and attractive facial appearance. Dr. Louise can use Botox to correct “smoker’s lines” around the mouth or easily correct a “gummy smile” without surgery.

Botox can also be used to help control clenching, grinding, some headaches and tooth damage that result from these. The way this works is Botox blocks the nerve signals that cause muscle movements; essentially relaxing the muscles and reducing facial pain. Botox injections only take a few minutes and can remain effective for up to 3 months. Pain symptoms may return 3 months after your initial treatment. With a series of treatments, Botox can retrain your muscles to relax and you will notice your symptoms resolve for longer time periods.

You may also notice your facial esthetics improve. The jaw may even slim down because the muscles lose their ability to create excessive forces so they naturally reduce in size, creating a more beautiful effect.


An attractive smile involves much more than your teeth. Having lines, wrinkles or deep facial folds around your beautiful teeth is like framing a work of art with rough plywood. Millions of people use Botox® and Juvederm® to achieve a more relaxed and smooth facial appearance. If you combine this treatment with teeth whitening, mercury removal, orthodontics or crowns, you will have a much more youthful appearance.

Unlike forehead wrinkles and crow’s feet, which are dynamic creases that occur above and around the eyes, the lines around the mouth don’t move and deepen over time due to gravity and loss of natural skin fullness. Facial fillers such as Juvederm® can be injected to fill out the creases by adding the desired volume. The effect is noticed immediately, resulting in a more youthful, natural and healthy appearance.

Juvederm® and dermal fillers are made from naturally occurring hyaluronic acid (HA). Our bodies make HA, but production of it decreases as we age. HA and collagen add structure and volume to the face, and losing the HA causes the skin to sag and wrinkle. In just one short appointment, you can see the esthetic results.