Strict mercury safe filling removal

Many people do not realize that older style “silver” amalgam fillings are 50% mercury. Mercury is a powerful poison and is more toxic than lead or arsenic. In fact, no amount of exposure to mercury vapor should be considered totally harmless since it vaporizes easily at room temperature and is tasteless, odorless, and colorless. Inhaled mercury vapor is readily absorbed into the bloodstream. It is believed that silver dental fillings contribute more mercury to a person’s body than all other sources of mercury combined.

We are proud to offer you our experience in providing safe amalgam removal procedures and mercury free dentistry. We have been treating people from all over the Northwest for amalgam/mercury removal for over 25 years.

We follow strict mercury safe filling removal practices. We practice cut and chunk technique while keeping the mercury fillings cool under constant water spray. This reduces mercury vapor exposure. High Volume Evacuation (HVE) is used at all times. We protect our patients with a rubber dam and oxygen or a dental mask. Thorough rinsing is provided throughout the appointment. A charcoal filter with a mercury scavenger and HVE is placed inches away from the teeth during filling removal. Doctor and assistant wear gloves and respirators with mercury rated filter cartridges to protect themselves from excessive vapor. Positive ion generators are in the operatory and a window is open for adequate ventilation. We follow the Huggins protocol and the recommendations of the International Academy or Oral Medicine and Toxicology (IAOMT).

We can work with your Naturopath or Physician for detox regimens aimed at removing the mercury from the body. Alternatively, we can provide you with our own nutritional recommendations that we have used successfully for decades. You may choose to only have the fillings removed and replaced without additional detox. We are happy to work with your preferences.

Please call our office and ask about how we can provide you with esthetically beautiful and safe alternatives to your silver amalgam fillings. If you’d simply like more information about the mercury safe protocols in our office, or more reference materials, we’d love to speak with you. Call us today at 509-327-7719.