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No Dental Insurance?

Our Dental Membership Plan

We understand that dental care can be difficult to afford. We also understand many families and adults are without any employer sponsored dental benefits. Additionally, our patients with dental insurance are seeing the insurance companies reducing coverage to their paid subscribers while at the same time increasing their monthly premiums.

Buy One, Get One Free Program

We want to help! Our practice has created a program for our uninsured patients (self-pay). Announcing our “Buy One Get One Free Program.” This program allows you and/or your family to receive the preventive dental care you need for one entire year at one discounted price. Program members will also receive a 15% discount on all other dental treatment.

In addition to saving you money, this program offers no waiting period, no deductible, no yearly maximums, no guessing out of pocket costs, is available to everyone, no managed care, and you can see your provider of choice. You receive your top quality, holistically oriented and integrative dental care in a warm and caring environment AND at a reduced cost. This program is great for individuals and small businesses. It also makes a great gift!

Please call or text 509-327-7719 with further questions about how we can help fit this program into your budget and lifestyle. One of our friendly customer service administrators can assist you further. We value our relationship with you and want you to have a healthy smile for a lifetime.

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